My Confession: Losing My V!rg!n!ty To His Brother | Erotic Story

By Lola Phillips… I actually forgot that Nnamdi was visiting until I got there. He answered the door and told me to come in.
My Confession: Losing My V!rg!n!ty To His Brother | Erotic Story

Chika and I have been dating for two years now. It is our hope that we will get married someday. I love him very much and for many reasons. One of which is that he is very patient with me.
The thing is, I had never been with any man. He never pressured me for S3@.x:’ and I appreciated that. This was probably the best thing about him. He was good and kind to me.
He took care of me and never pushed me to have S3@.x:’ with him. We did not live together but I often visited him.
Some weeks ago, he informed me that his younger brother, Nnamdi, would be returning from Anambra to stay with him for a few weeks.
When he arrived, I went over to Chika’s place to visit so I could meet his brother. They look almost alike except that Chika was much taller and had a cleaner look.
Nnamdi looked very rugged. His hair was unkempt and his clothes were rough. Even though he was not my type, I felt an attraction to him that day. I did not think about it much though.
The weekend after, I visited Chika so I could cook for him as was my weekend routine. On getting to his place, I met Nnamdi at home.
Chika worked on Saturdays, but I usually made the food before he came back anyway. I actually forgot that Nnamdi was visiting until I got there. He answered the door and told me to come in.
I resolved to just cook the food and leave. Nnamdi seemed like he will be in his room all through anyway. I was busy in the kitchen when I heard him behind me.
“What are you making,” he asked me.
“Oh, just white soup and some fish,“ I said, glancing back at him.
“Wow, that sounds nice,” he said. He walked over to the sink where I kept the fish and began to wash them.
“No, you don’t have to do that,” I told him.
“It’s no problem,” he smiled at me and kept on working.
I smiled back and proceeded to do other things. Soon, Nnamdi started asking me a few questions about myself. We talked as we continued to cook and he told me about himself too. I found out that he was very jovial and funny. He loved to tease and poke fun, but I found him entertaining.
After making the meal, I gave Chika a call only for him to tell me he’ll be a couple of hours late. I told him I made the food but I couldn’t wait too long; I’d have to leave before he got back. He was fine with it and promised to come visit me the next day. I hung up and started packing up.
“You are leaving so soon?” Nnamdi asked me.
“Please stay a little while, I enjoy your company.”
I began to tell him I could not when he held my hand and dragged me to the living room.
“Let’s play a game or something. Or we could just gist some more, I will be lonely if you leave,” he said as I let him lead me to the couch.
“I really must go, it’s getting late and…” he did not let me finish. He made me sit down and came to sit beside me.
“Fine, just five minutes,” I told him, smiling. He seemed to really need the company.
We then talked some more. I was describing something to him when I noticed him looking at me so intensely.
“What’s wrong,” I asked him.
“You are just so beautiful… Your lips, they are so amazing. I could look at them forever.”
I smiled shyly as I got a little uncomfortable. I got up from the couch.
“Thank you… I really must leave now,” I started to say. He got up with me, holding my hand, he dragged me to face him and then reached in to kiss me.
I tried to push him away but he resisted, and frankly, I did not try too hard. The way his tongue invaded my mouth was so S3@.x:’y that I could not muster the strength to push him off.
I closed my eyes and leaned into the kiss as his tongue swirled inside my mouth. He held on to my waist as we continued to kiss.
Then he began to kiss my neck. I gasped. That felt so good. Chika and I had kissed before but he never took it this far because he respected my boundaries, but the way Nnamdi was kissing right now, I knew I had been missing something.
He pushed against me until I was leaning against the wall. He unbuttoned my shirt and began to lick my N!.pplss through my lacy bra. Electricity shot through me as his tongue partially made contact with my N!.pplss.
I was breathing so heavily and praying for the strength to stop him. When he hiked up my skirt and began to rub me through my panties, I knew I was done for. I knew there was no way I could turn my back on this sweet feeling.
He spread my legs apart and continued to tease me with one hand while he used the other to unzip his trousers.  He pushed his trousers down to his ankles. I was dazed as I watched his black pop out when he pulled down his boxers.
His lips were on mine suddenly and he lifted me up to wrap my legs around his waist. I was so wet and I wanted him so bad. He entered me. Quickly, sharply and painfully that I felt I was about to split in two.
He pulled out a bit and entered me again, slowly this time, as I began to get used to him. With each thrust, it got less painful and it only took a couple of minutes to get that heady feeling of pleasure again.
He F**.Cked me hard against the wall and I kept begging him for more. Eventually, he entered me one last time as he came.
He let me down and we kissed again. This time, I was able to pull back. I silently got dressed and said goodbye.
I had no idea where to go from there but I knew that I had just had an amazing and unforgettable experience.
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