HELP !!! My Husband Wants To Suck My Bre@.$t And Ma$turb@.te Infront Of My Baby

HELP !!! My Husband Wants To Suck My Bre@.$t And Ma$turb@.te Infront Of My Baby
I gave birth about 8 weeks ago and my baby is doing good. It has been stressful though because my baby always stays awake all through the night and he dosnt allow me sleep. he always wants to be bre@.$tfed. even if he sleeps off and you remove the N!.ppls from his mouth, he will scream the whole house down.
It is really a very big challenge for me and i cry my self red most nights but that is not my major problem. My headache now is my husband. he managed to wait for just 2 weeks before he started telling me how horny he is and we would laugh over it with me asking him to wait until i am healed properly.
I  had my delivery normally but i had some tears and cuts which are yet to heal properly so S3@.x:’ is out of the question. I tried sucking him but he wouldn’t come from sucking. i have tried that over 2-3 hrs yet nothing. he keeps begging me for anal S3@.x:’ but i also cant afford that now as all the muscles down there is still sore and i am still discharging fluid.
The last night, he told me that i should bre@.$t feed him so he can masturbate himself and release. He begged and begged and i agreed to allow him suck my bre@.$t but watching him masturbate in front of my baby was disgusting so i had to tell him to wait until the baby sleeps off so we can go to another room but he flared up and stormed out of the room calling me selfish and insensitive.
honestly i am down and couldn’t understand this type of attitude. i have never denied him S3@.x:’ under nbormal circumstances. He left the house this morning without responding to my greetings. even through out the night, he abandoned me with our son whom he would always help me out with. he didn’t even eat his break fast.
please, what did i do wrong and how do i get out of this situation

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