Dear Nigerians, SEE What Donald Trump Thinks Of You

Dear Nigerians, SEE What Donald Trump Thinks Of You
Nigerians love America. The craziness demonstrated for everything American can be seen our ‘AmerIcanized way of life’. Some Nigerians can go to any length to fake American accent just to impress.
Many have put it down to the influence of pop culture. On two occasions, the love for America was demonstrated by Nigerians. In 2008, when the outgoing President Barack Obama became the first African-America President and 2016 elections, many Nigerians seem disappointed that Donald Trump won. The question is: Why are Nigerians at home very concerned about events happening millions of miles from home.
1. Family ties: Perhaps one of the greatest implications a Donald Trump presidency would have on Nigerians is the family ties Nigerians have with those abroad. Nigerians are by nature protective. They do not want anything to happen to their extended families abroad. Now with a Trump presidency, Nigerians are fearful life may become difficult for families in America 
2. Bilateral relations: With the disposition of Donald Trump towards Africa, a Trump Presidency may have implications in the areas of bilateral trade. Many have feared that the volume of trade may decrease. 
3. Boko Haram: During the campaigns, many had feared that Donald Trump’s intrepid nature may upset the global war on terrorism with his “ I will ban be all Muslim’’ from entering America stand. Now with a Trump presidency, his confrontational rhetoric may fuel global terror and hatred for America from home grown terror group like Boko Haram. 
4. Drop in importation: Nigerians import everything from America including cars. Now with a Trump victory, Nigerians fear that importations will drop.
5. Trump is said to hate Nigerians and Africa: The new US president was allegedly reported to hate Africa who he believes are lazy and incompetent. Nigeria at home have the fear that this will inform his relationship with them.
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