Before You Fall In Love With A Celebrity (Can You Cope?)

Before You Fall In Love With A Celebrity (Can You Cope?)
One of the sweetest thing to have is a husband that is famous, talented and influential, you can imagine the elegance of addressing the woman with the guy’s name, not to talk of the beautiful respect that comes with it, what about the joy of opening social media and see bloggers write about your husband or when you switch on you TV and your husband is being praised, awarded or talked about. But just before you lost in your dream, please move closer to celebrity’s wives and find out some hard truth.
1. Can you cope with your man staying late at night? most celebrity does, he is busy with diff projects and appointments.
2. Can you cope with everything that happens in your family coming in news including when you have personal misunderstanding with him, when you are pregnant etc.. In short no privacy.
3. Can you cope with different female fans (phone calls) calling to tell him he is handsome, even beside you, he can’t ignore calls because it may also be a client.
4. Can you cope with insult and condemnation that comes from social media if he dare make public mistake? Ask wife of NSCDC commandant that messed up on channels TV and wife of Orubebe.
5. Can you cope with little boys not up to your last born age insulting your husband without any reaction? Ask Dele momodu’s wife in the case of him and Davido.
6. Can you cope with your husband away from home for a whole week, a whole month or even 3months. Ask Actor’s wives.
7. Can you cope with ladies falling in love with him and befriending him even if it requires charming him?
8. Can you cope with someone harassing him and cooking up rape allegation against him? The whole world keep blaming him even when you know it is a lie, no one is ready to listen.
9. Can you cope with his fake life? He cant wear what he likes in the street, he can’t eat in public, he can’t eat in small buka (restaurant), he can’t go to bank to withdraw 2k, he can’t buy c0nd0m from shops, he can’t go to market to help you buy food stuff.
10. Can you cope if he chat till late in the night or when he gives his computer too Much attention?.
So many points to write, too many challenges celebrities are faced with, today we condemn one for having baby mama, another one is crucified for wearing wrong dress to an event etc.
But sincerely a guy who is a celebrity is not different from the guy at your next door, not better than your current lover or fiancee. He has his weakness too, he could be lazy, not helpful in kitchen or home, could be stupid, heartless, uncaring or a wife beater, his fame doesn’t change his personality.
When he appears on screen, don’t forget he prepared well for that appearance and he is careful with all his actions on screen, so no matter how he impress you with his words, music, show or film, he is fake, the real him is just before the camera is on or before he left home.
Appreciate your man. Love him, he doesn’t have to be a celebrity as long as he makes you a happy woman. What a woman want mostly is attention and love. 
Don’t misquote me please, I don’t condemn getting married to a celebrity, there are some celebrities whose wives are just so lucky to have them, they put family first but the percentage is low. Love is not about his fame, it is about his heart.
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