14 Simple And Romantic Sentences That Will Melt Her House

14 Simple And Romantic Sentences That Will Melt Her House
Even if you can’t give her the Disney kinda relationship she want’s you can be nice enough to tell her sweet things. Girls are moved more by what they hear while guys are moved more by what they see. 
Since we as guys know this we should make more effort in telling ladies sweet things, and try to mean it when you say it. But don’t over tell them because.. well, just don’t over tell them.
1. I want to take you on a date at the place where we first met.
2. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.
3. Your happiness leads directly to my happiness.
4. Every morning, you look more beautiful than the last.
5. Tonight, sex is going to be all about you.
6. Your boobs and ass are sexy, but I really love that smile.
7. Love isn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings for you.
8. What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll cook you whatever you want.
9. You’re the first thought in my head each morning and my first priority for the rest of the day.
10. You inspire me to become a better person.
11. We don’t have to have sex tonight. I just want to hold you.
12. Tell me all about your day. Don’t leave out a single detail.
13. Looking at you is like looking at the stars.
14. Thank you for everything you do for me.

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